Batman Begins DVD Rant

This is not a DVD review. I will leave it up to someone more qualified to rate the audio quality and video transfer of this DVD. This is merely a rant.

There are two flavors of this DVD - a single disc and a two disc Deluxe Edition with extra features. An employee of an unnamed store told me there was a problem with the Deluxe Edition because of the comic book on the second disc, and they only got eight of them, with no more coming. It looks like I can buy it from Amazon, though. So I do not know what he is talking about. And I cannot find anything about a problem with the DVD by searching through many sites.

Here comes the rant part. Even the two disc set has no commentary track by Christopher Nolan. While I would like to see the features (they do look impressive), I am not going to buy it if there is no commentary from the director.

After all, this is the best Batman movie ever made. I would have liked to hear what Nolan had to say. Oh well.

Now for the second rant of this three part series.

If you only buy the single DVD version of Batman Begins you get no special features. Well, okay, that is not exactly true. There is a "Special Features" menu setup. The one and only item found on this menu is the theatrical trailer. That's it. Oh boy, my heart is pounding. It is such a tease because the rest of the screen is blank, yearning for more than this single entry. Lame.

My best guess is that they used the same exact DVD menu layout from the Deluxe Edition and just deleted the special features found on the first disc of the Deluxe Edition. Again, lame. I have never seen such corner-cutting on a DVD before. I mean, I have seen some pretty badly created DVD menus in my time, but never have I been mocked because I did not spend the extra cash on the Deluxe Edition. Pathetic. Make a new menu for the no-frills version. Or better yet, just take out the trailer all together.

The third rant is a minor one, but still annoying. I have never had a DVD that automatically plays the movie when you pop it in the DVD player, but this one does. I put the DVD in, checked my e-mail and then got around to turning the TV on, only to find the movie was already playing. To make sure this wasn't a fluke, I did the same thing, only this time watching the TV the entire time. After a short idle period it starts playing the movie from the DC Comics logo.

Very odd. I like to choose when to start my movies, thank you.

I guess I will say something about this movie. I saw this in the theater, twice. It is that good. It is also worth picking up on DVD, because it really is that good. Batman Begins makes every previous Batman movie look like child's play. Christian Bale is the best Batman yet, even topping the wonderful performances by Michael Keaton. The story is great. The pacing is great. The acting is great. I can't wait to see the next Batman movie with Nolan at the helm. I can only imagine what The Joker will look like.

If the first Batman was like the original comic books, Batman Begins is like Frank Miller's (creator of Sin City) later graphic novels. Batman Begins is dark and gritty, and more importantly it follows Miller's writtings rather closely. It is Hollywood, of course, but most of the movie's story comes from the original source.

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I have never had a DVD that automatically plays the movie when you pop it in the DVD player, but this one does.

Trust me, there's worse. I own more than one DVD which actually force you to watch this stupid "do not pirate movies" clip, along with up to a dozen movie previews before you get to the menu. No fast forwarding, no menu button.

If I have to watch this crappy anti piracy ad one more time, I'll not never buy another DVD ever again.

You think that's bad? There was a short-lived TV series that I loved called Keen Eddie. It lasted less than one season, so I was thriled when they released a box set (including unaired episodes). However, the episodes aren't on the disks in chronological order; they're in the order in which they aired. You literally have to swap disks back and forth to watch them all in order. There are also issues with Paramount not buying the rights to the soundtrack music, which was an integral part of the series. Gah!

Oh I hate that "do not pirate movies" ad, it is so annoying. I mean, how do you know I wouldn't steal a house, he he.

This is another rant all together too. But when I go the MENU of a DVD, I want to go to the MENU, not have an animation that plays for well over a minute before I can see the menu options. That is happening more and more too.

And I have heard of more then one occasion when the studio did not purchase the music for s sit com. So you loose part of the effect.

ALL WWE DVDs have an obviously lawyer produced message that comes down to "don't do this at home." It's a great clip with a bunch of guys getting injured in various grisly ways, but after 20 or so DVDs, it's a bit aggravating, especially since it's unskippable and two minutes long.

Jordan Fouts:

Reminds me of unskippable cutscenes in a video game...

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