BG News Celebrates 85th Anniversary with Reunion

This is quite old news, but I wanted to post it anyways. During Homecoming weekend this year (September 30th - October 1st) The BG News held their 85th Anniversary Reunion with festivities Friday and Saturday.

I am happy to say that the web site I put up for that was a success, selling a little over $1,000 in tickets for the open house, luncheon, tent party and football game, not to mention t-shirts for the event. Many more mailed their money in, but I knew we would have a number of people who would use the shopping cart. PayPal sure makes that stuff easy.

Anyways we had an open house in the newsroom on Friday. It was great to see a bunch of people who had graduated that I had not seen in years, as well as meet Newsers that I did not know. Of everyone who was back in town, it was great to talk to Jeff.

Saturday my job (the most important one) was to guard the beer at the tent. We had three kegs and I had to guard it from about 9 AM until the tent party "officially" started at 2 PM. Not to worry I had my Art History flash cards (I had a test that coming Monday). And NO, I did not even take my PSP, Art History class is more important.

There were a few clowns, but otherwise no one else really came over to our tent. No, seriously, there were these three clowns in full costume. They wanted some free beer. No way they were getting any!

The tent party was a blast - it always is. Paul made his World Famous (not really) chilly and everybody mingled until the game started - and then continued during the game. The only thing out of place was the weather. It was gorgeous out. It is usually rainy and generally yucky for our Homecoming tent party. It was actually warm.

The game was a snooze. I didn't even stay to watch the entire game. What was the point. It was a blowout 70-7 thumping of Temple.

Great weekend.

Now we need to decide what to do with the web site. I hope the board does something interesting with it and does not let it stagnate.

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