Boat crew members say Vikings' players involved in sex party

ST. PAUL, Minn. - (KRT) - Crew members on two chartered boats told authorities Wednesday they saw Minnesota Vikings players take part in a wild sex party on Lake Minnetonka, detailing allegations that have rocked a team reeling both on and off the field.
Source: The Mercury News

Man, why didn't the writers of Playmakers come up with this one? Seriously folks, here goes the No Fun league at its best. Those guys in the NFL can't have any fun now. Really.

This goes beyond the NFL and their "clean" image though. It speaks loudly about how our society in the US still sees sex as taboo and wrong. Barring any criminal charges that may come out of this, such as indecent exposure, prostitution or rape, what is wrong with sex? Lets take a look at what these men are doing all week. They are hold up in a football stadium. And we all know that professional athletes are not angels.

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