Classic Pack 3 for WipEout Pure Review

There's more WipEout action coming to the PSP. Those that can't get enough of the game can now download another expansion, Classic Pack 3, which includes a new track, two new tunes and a new ship.
Source: IGN PSP

This marks the sixth download for WipEout Pure. That rivals most Xbox Live games, or rather Xbox Live itself. Don't get me started on Xbox Live "Downloadable Content" designation to their games.

The new skin, Icaras, has a very light purple background and the purple text "Icaras" in the upper right like most other skins. I now have ten skins to chose from. This new skin leaves the text easy to read, unlike some of the other skins.

The Icaras ship is fast (5/5) but lacks shields (2/5), has mediocre handling (3/5) and OK thrust (4/5). It is a great ship to use in the early speed classes, but will get tore apart in the faster rounds when the enemies start using more weapons.

The new track, Vohl Square, fills out the Classic 2 League. So everyone who has those elusive 240 gold metals, you now have even more to achieve. Just like the other tracks in the Classic 2 League, Vohl Square is colorful and fun - unlike those in the Classic 1 League.

Vohl Square sets the boost pads far apart, so getting gold medals on the slower speed classes will be a bit of a challenge. There are no big surprises here, just another great track for one of the best PSP titles to date. We now have 20 tracks for the US version of WipEout Pure.

Two more tunes from Cold Storage round out the Classic Pack 3 download. Messij and Operatique are two more drum beat tracks adding more variety to the game. That brings the number of tunes to 23. I can't remember how many tunes the game shipped with, but the new music is as much a great addition to the game then the new ships and tracks.

I don't think anyone expected WipEout Pure to have so many downloads. I never thought I would see six. It sure is a great way to keep the UMD in my PSP, and I sure am not the only one.

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