Close-up on Aperture

When I heard that Apple was going to make an announcement to coincide with the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, I expected to see an advanced version of iPhoto. What I got was something so much more exciting—a pro-level application that promises to finally make working with raw images as easy as working with JPEGs.
Source: MacWorld

If anyone can make the RAW format easy to use it is Apple. But is Aperture a Photoshop killer? Priced at $499, it could cut into Adobe's Mac sales. I wonder how Adobe will react to this one?

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But is Aperture a Photoshop killer?

No, I think it complements Photoshop. Manage your pictures in Aperture, do some small fixes in Aperture, edit and compose them in PS.

I don't think Aperture is a Photoshop killer. It is more like a really nice version of Adobe Bridge (which lets you do batch RAW work). AFAIK Aperture does not have Photoshop's advanced controls such as curves, etc.

But then this is only version 1.0.

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