Gone Phishin'

Crap on a crutch on a raft in the middle of the frigging Baltic Sea, when will this email phishin' shit stop? I just got one from "PayPal," the second PP fakie in the past couple weeks, and I really have to worry about the life skills of someone who tells me they'll have "no choise" but to "temporaly" suspend my account if I don't respond immediately and give them all my information.

I understand when I get one supposedly from PayPal or eBay, they've at least done their homework, but when someone tries to pose as a bank I don't even have an account at, what the heck are they thinking? After spam I think this ought to be another death sentence for the sender...

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Yeah, I get Paypal/eBay phishes a few times a week, but I was quite surprised to get one from JP Morgan the other day. Guess they're branching out.

I get at least one or more a day. Some do look legit, and some you can tell people did not take their time.

Lately there have been a bunch "from" Sky Bank, and I have a few Sky Bank accounts. BGSU even put an alert out about that one.

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