Java Map of Morrowind

It is amazing that I am still playing Morrowind. I have been playing it since it came out on the PC in May and Xbox in June, 2002. Getting sidetracked by other great games doesn't help. But Morrowind is just that good a game. I am finishing up all the faction quests, and the expansion packs. I really wish the game tracked how many hours you played. It would be frightening to say the least.

While looking for some remote cave in the game, I came across this great java based map of Morrowind. It has it all, right down to the ancestral tombs. It loads a rather huge background image that takes a long time. It's not broken, it just takes its sweet time. It is well worth the wait, however. Oh, I almost forgot: you can search the map too.

I wish I had found this three years ago.

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This is the best thing I've ever seen. You're a lifesaver! I've been searching for the Alas tomb forever and thanks to your link I found it!

However, I see that this is supposed to be a "professional" looking I figured I'd let you know that you made an itty bitty spelling error.

When you describe the site as not being "broke", it should be "broken". Sorry, that just caught my eye and I figured I'd let ya know.

Cheers and Cookies!

Huh? Professional site? I misspell things all teh frickin' time!

Blogs are not edited. Get used to it.

But thanks to pointing that out. It is always nice to see their are other spelling Nazis out there.


<mode kind="spelling" aggressiveness="nazi">Writing "broke" instead of "broken" isn't so much a spelling error as a change of meaning :-)</mode>

True, and a rather annoying nit pick on a blog.

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