Microsoft finally confirms launch games for 360... sort of

Ha ha. Gotcha. Isn't it sad that Microsoft has not yet released a list of launch titles for the US Xbox 360 launch? I personally think it is because so many of them are going to be 11th hour decisions. Of course I also think that Microsoft could have waited until the spring to release the 360, giving developers enough time with the final hardware. But then I still say the 360 is coming too soon, as there is still life in the Xbox (Ninja Gaiden, for example).

The Xbox Live Arcade service lets gamers purchase and download arcade-style games directly to their hard drives. The service is part of the casual games movement, aimed at a broad audience. Pricing has not yet been announced, but most games are expected to sell for fewer than $20.
Source: GameSpot

So you will have a list of 21 parlor games to play on your brand new next-gen console. Forget Perfect Dark Zero, fire up Hexic HD (free with the 360 hard drive) and get your puzzle on.

These games should not cost more then cell phone games - they surely do not take (much) more programming to pull off. If they cost $19.99 I don't see people buying them. But then I was totally off on UMD movies. And they are flying off store shelves.

Popcap Games is the biggest surprise on the list. This developer has some pretty addicting games. Astropop is one of my favorites. The list of arcade games ready for launch is only overshadowed by the list of developers that will be contributing to the Live Arcade service, including heavyweight Q Entertainment (Meteos, Lumines, Every Extend Extra).

Microsoft could really have something here with these 'casual' games. I don't really see a casual gamer spending $300 or $400 to play parlor games, but this has a chance to turn into something successful.

Now, how about that launch list Microsoft!

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