'My Xbox' might make you think twice

IGN has an article on the new Xbox 360 integration of Xbox Live and Xbox.com. You can also drink the official Kool-Aid from Xbox.com itself.

Sure you can turn it off (I think) but in the next generation, everyone is going to know what games you play, how well (or poor) you do, and what parts of games you have unlocked.

If I was conservative I would say this fringes on privacy issues. But I am old (or young) enough to realize that when it comes to the internet you have no privacy. Can you take crap from your buddy over putting 15 hours into Barbie Horse Adventures or 387 hours into Elder Scrolls IV? If you are not good at game X, you can bet someone is going to let you know about it. This type of friendly competition is what many console games lack - even if they have an online component.

Is My Xbox a good idea? Do I need to see all my Xbox 360 progress on a web site? Not until I see it.

Microsoft, if nothing else, is really taking Xbox Live to the next level. This is more then we have heard from Sony and Nintendo in their next-gen rhetoric. Many PC games keep stats online as well as in game. Halo 2 on the Xbox keeps your game stats on Bungie.net. I get the feeling that Xbox Live 360 was modeled after Bungie.net. Only it will be for every 360 game - even the arcade titles. That sounds pretty complete to me.

Microsoft is bringing not only the graphics, but the services in line with what the PC has had for years. I see this as the 360's trump card in the next console war. Sure you will have your exclusive games (which is becoming more and more rare) but online services is the next plateau for the consoles. It is the last thing the PC does better. For now.

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