NFL Network refuses to air Blitz commercial

You won't be seeing Ron Mexico on the NFL Network anytime soon. And you can forget about watching touchdown celebrations from the greatest receiver in the game, T.O. Mass (announcers pronounce it Moss). That's because after receiving initial clearance to promote Blitz: The League on the NFL Network through paid commercial advertisements, the people at Midway have just been informed that the NFL Network is now pulling out, refusing to show the spot headlined by one of the league's own legends, Lawrence Taylor.
Source: IGN

IGN has the commercial, I know you are dying to watch it. But did you really think that the NFL was going to run a commercial that competes with Madden 06? I mean when the NFL decides there will be a monopoly in NFL video games (and it was the NFL - not EA, EA just happened to have the deepest pockets) they mean a total monopoly, advertising included.

Having LT and the writers of Playmakers associated to the game probably did not help either.

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