Reader Response: Xbox 360 connecting to cinema screen


I hope that this short e-mail finds you fit and well. Read your interesting post at Macworld. This is going to be a huge topic when the Xbox 360 finally hits the stores and poeple want to start playing the games that will only be available ever on the Xbox. I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing. Do let me know know if your idea worked.

I'm buying the Xbox just to play the two Bioware games, Jade Empire and Mass Effect. I'm a role playing fan. I'm in no hurry, they said they'll need to do an emulator for Jade Empire to port it from the original Xbox, and Mass Effect won't be out until 2007.

I guess some one like Griffin will eventually have an intelligent cable that will connect the two and take care of the gamma issue you mentioned.

Thank you for your time with this.


Thanks for the email Greg.

I posted this over at Macworld and at TeamXbox, and pretty much got nowhere with it. Other then Peter Cohen telling me what I figured was going to be the answer. I had been meaning to post it here too.

The basic gist goes like this: The Xbox 360 will have a 1st party cable that will connect it to a VGA monitor. VGA is an analog signal. There will be not 1st party DVI (which is digital) cable for the 360. Which seems odd considering how much Microsoft is pushing HDTV with the 360. I think it is a rather big oversight on Microsoft's part not to offer a DVI cable. Especially since DVI has caught on over the past number of years.

You find DVI on most newer HDTVs these days, but it also on the nice big monitors from Dell, HP, and Apple. I have a 23" Apple Cinema Display, which has the resolution for an HD signal. It also happens to be widescreen, which my TV is not.

Yet at this point in the game there is no solution for me to hook up a Xbox 360 to my HD Cinema Display. I do hope Griffin or some other 3rd party does come up with a DVI cable for the 360. Only time will tell.

Jade Empire was one of the best games of 2005. And I have my eyes on Mass Effect too. I am sure it will be another great game, it is BioWare after all.

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I had a look in through the cables I bought with my white iBook, and found an Apple DVI (mini size connector) to VGA. Also an Apple DVI (mini size connector) to DVI (cinema screen connectopr size). So surely it would not be a big technical jump to engineer a cable that goes VGA to DVI.

Pity I can't just turn the cable around, but that would be like talking into the speakers of an amplifier, and expecting your voice to come out the microphone.

By the way, have bought a 15" cinema screen in anticipation of buying an Xbox 360 in 2007 for Mass Effect. I'm well prepared.


You know I forgot to mention, the PlayStation 3 will have two HDMI ports. Now they were thinking digital.

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