Sterling Reputation

So I go to McGill up here, "The Harvard of the North"; it's supposedly a well-respected institution and etc. But it's a little cheap. I mean, it is a party school too... Frosh Week is all about students binge drinking thanks to the university and wrecking the town and dying from alcohol poisoning and all that. So I was dismayed but not surprised to learn Playboy did a shoot here the other week.

This comes after Girls Gone Wild was considering coming to some Canadian universities, though I think people here generally boycotted it. But Playboy came because they named McGill one of it's top 10 partying schools, the only Canadian university to get the dubious distinction. (This also comes after an alleged hazing incident on the sports team where a guy got his ass poked with a broom.)

Le sigh. This just isn't what I came here for. I mean, people here call it "the horniest city in the world" but I don't see why it should have to be the dumbest and sluttiest...

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