Violence erupts in North Toledo after Nazi march is canceled; mayor declares curfew

Violence continued to erupt in a North Toledo neighborhood this afternoon where a Nazi march had been planned earlier in the day.

Protesters who had gathered for the rally, which was canceled because of disturbances, looted a gas station and liquor store and then set the liquor store on fire. Assaults also were being reported.

Mayor Jack Ford, Fire Chief Mike Bell, and community leaders all tried unsuccesfully to quell the uprising. Mayor Ford has declared a state of emergency and an 8 p.m. curfew.

Source: Toledo Blade

I know Matt was so looking forward to this :) I really have no idea why they would actually schedule a Nazi march, then think it would go off without a hitch. This has disrupted so many events in the North Toledo area.

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This wasn't that far from me. A few miles, if that.

Very few of the local news stations had anything for a while. It was weird to see this being picked up by CNN and Fox News, but none of the local stations (other than a scroll during the college games). One of the stations came on with their "special report" graphics and music, then cut back to Blues Clues.

Freaky day to say the least, and I was all for people chucking rocks at Nazis, but once they start trashing stores, blasting police, and setting buildings on fire, it's impossible to believe in humanity anymore.

From what some people on the ground said, it wasn't too bad until the Nazi's were escorted out. The cops apparently gave them a ton of protection, and that only ticked people off more. They said to expect more tonight, but so far it's been quiet. Curfew must be working.

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