What Jack's Been Up to Lately

Update on our kooky Jack Thompson friend:

First he proposed a violent scenario to video game companies, promising $10,000 to a charity of their choice if they make his game about killing video game industry employees.

Then the National Institute on Media and Family issued a letter distancing themselves from the screwball.

(As a footnote, Mike Krahulik responded to Jack's challenge and got a nice reply.)

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Damn it Jordan. I was just about to post about him and the NIMF. Beat me to it. I even had a great title. So, as to not let this go to waste:

Jack Thompson gets (dis)own3d.

Seriosuly though, while I don't agree with the NIMF often (if at all) this is great news. It shows even the people who semi-shared his views are smart enough to pull away. This man is a nutjob, and it's great to see more people realizing this (even though it's not hard).

Gamespot has nutjobs hilarious reply:


You sue Target and Best Buy Jack... they're the center for the world's problems. But hey, don't sue the company making the game... that would make sense.

Someone made the game.

Soomeone refused to pay charity like they said they would...


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