1UP compares the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360

1UP has a feature comparing the Dreamcast to the Xbox 360. The 23 parallels between Xbox 360 and the Dreamcast are indeed quite eerie. Some are stretches, but most are dead on scary. I am not sure about the American debut on MTV for the Dreamcast, but pretty much every point is spot it. Favorites include:

  • Sleek white console following in footsteps of bulky, black console.
  • Peter Moore spearheaded the marketing.
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi worked on highly anticipated First Party title.
  • Highly anticipated First Party racing game from Bizarre Creations
  • Crazy rich bald guy spotted at several promotional events leading up to launch.
  • Metal Gear Solid trailer stole much of its next-generation thunder.

Like I said, scary.

1UP also put together 10 reasons why the Xbox 360 will succeed where the Dreamcast failed.

Square-Enix and Electronic Arts support from the start is a boon to the 360. Final Fantasy XI beta will come with all 360's sold in Japan - a territory that needs to latch on to the console if Microsoft expects to make any money this time.

Could you imagine the 360 launch without Madden, Tiger Woods, or NBA Live? Neither can I. The 360 would not survive long without EA.

To be fair we do not know if the 360 will have backwards compatibility. It is planned. This is great in theory. But with less then two weeks until launch there is still no backwards compatibility list. But then there is no official list of launch software either.

Oh and by the way, only 12 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes... until launch.

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Oh and by the way, only 13 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes...

Until we can all play Mario Kart DS while ignoring the Xbox? :-)

Ha ha. Doesn't Mario Kart DS come out sooner then that?

You can play your Mario Kart, I will be playing my Xbox 360 on the 22nd.


I think it's coming out in a few days in the US, but it's about 13 days in Europe.

So, what will you be playing on your Xbox (except for the MP3 screensaver thingie :-)

Oh yea, thats right, you are over there. I forgot. He he.

I will be playing everything but what I really want to, which is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, since it has been pushed back. That is a good thing though. Any game that has 16 square miles may need some extra polish here and there.

Of the games I am getting, I am most anticipating Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gothem Racing 3.

I haven't posted about this yet, but I just finished paying off my 360 and games with video game and movie trade ins. No out-of-pocket expense for me!

Of the games I am getting, I am most anticipating Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gothem Racing 3.

I don't usually play FPS on consoles, so I'm not really interested in PDZ, other than to see whether Rare finally managed to make a decent Xbox game. Project Gotham Racing, though, that looks pretty sweet. I also like the idea of the spectator mode. Honestly, there's only crap on TV anyway, so I might just as well watch other people play PGR3 while eating dinner...

I'm still not sure whether to get the 360. On the one hand, it's probably a pretty decent console. On the other hand, the game selection looks too similar to the Xbox. Too many dark-ish adult-oriented games which take themselves way too seriously. Besides, I frankly don't really like the thought of giving Microsoft my money :-)

If they make a few more interesting games (as in "not updates from the previous generation with better graphics), I might have to get one, though.

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