Full 360 Backwards Compatibility list

Wow! I'm so relieved we can all play Barbie Horse Adventure. I was worried. Seriously though, it's a nice list, but it sounds like an awful lot of work for an almost useless feature.

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And on a side note, it's pretty damned sad that we have a BC list before have a list of games we'll be able to buy with the console.

Jordan Fouts:

...Oddly enough my 13 year-old sister has Barbie Horse Adventure. It's hella lame.

I alas am dead frigging broke but my mooch of a little brother will be getting an X360 so I'm sure I'll hear all about it from him.

Yea that is a good side note. Also as bad is what is missing from the BC list: Dynasty Warriors, Splinter Cell, DDR, Doom, and Burnout. But they got Catwoman!

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