Locusts: The 8th Plague Sci-Fi Channel Original Review

If you've ever read a review of a movie like this and thought, "I think I read this before," don't blame the critic. There are only so many ways to pick apart a quick, cheap, and generic bug movie. That's of course the category Locusts: The 8th Plague falls into.

Mere months after CBS premiered their own killer Locust movie, Sci-Fi shows their hand. There's not a single line of dialogue in the entire movie that doesn't involve the genetically altered (of course) people-eating locust swarm. Sci-Fi Channel veteran David Keith takes the villain role this time, the head of the typical corporation that unleashes all hell in a quest for the almighty dollar.

The swarm is handled by CG, while close ups of dead ones are props. Not only are these locusts unnaturally large (with no explanation), even when they're dead, they take their posture in a way that they look alive. Even helicopters get the CG treatment, and on a limited budget, common sense should tell you how that turned out.

Gore is the only bright spot, including a great opener in which a man is literally eaten straight through, only to have his innards pour out through his back. It might have worked as intended if there were any actual scares. Unfortunately, this swarm, with cheesy green (and glowing) eyes doesn't do much in the terror department.

There's really nothing to make sure audiences know these are locusts other than the dialogue. They could be anything, from bees to butterflies. While the numerous attempts to take them all down do show the insects as tough, the cheaply splattered blood does not. In the hands of the people responsible, nothing they put on screen would work as horror.

That's why this latest bug movie fails. It's generic with a cheap threat, and that doesn't do much for the entertainment factor. If Idaho is ever invaded by locusts like the movie foretells, we should all hope it's an easily defeated strain like this and Dan Cortez can make the save.

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