Mario Kart DS, McDonald's and Intermittent Problems

I really hate buying games at Wal*Mart. But they are the only place in town that has Mario Kart DS right now. Oh well. So I contributed to the Devil's paycheck today. Sue me.

McDonald's is an official Nintendo Wi-Fi provider. Smart move for the Big N! Our McDonald's in BG is all setup. Of course the woman at the cash register had no clue what I was talking about. Luckily there was a manager at the other end of the counter. He even had a copy of Mario Kart DS. It's a shame he couldn't play.

It is a little irritating that there are Wi-Fi problems on the first day. If you look at the Nintendo Wi-Fi site, you will see the message "Global Wi-Fi Service is experiencing intermittent problems."

Needless to say getting online at McDonald's is a snap. I was online before i left the counter to find a booth to sit. The Wi-Fi interface is very nice. Yes, even with the problems with the network, you can still get online. You just cannot jump into a lobby. It just sits there and spins.

I don't want to get into too much detail as I want to write a review, but here are some numbers:

16 new courses
16 classic courses
3 new weapons
54 single player missions
4 engine classes
8 player single-card download play
And yes, it's a blast! I can't wait to play on the Nintendo Wi-Fi network.

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