Office Space Extra Special Gift Set DVD Review

Note: Read a slightly more involving look at the film by reading my first Office Space DVD review.

The second round for Office Space on DVD, this time out there are actually extras. It's not a substantial amount of features, but anything above the original is an improvement. Regardless of what's on the disc, the film remains a classic, one of the most under appreciated comedies in years, and it only gets better upon repeat viewings.

Actually, repeat viewings should be a requirement to fully enjoy Office Space The simple saga of one man sticking up for himself against his oppressive bosses is more entertaining because we've all wanted to be Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) at some point. There's a lot of material buried here, and you're not going to catch it all in one 90-minute session.

It's of course the characters too, including Stephen Root as Milton, a character that has made stockholders of the Swingline stapler company rich. Gary Cole takes on the role of Bill Lumbergh, and Jennifer Aniston takes the role of annoyed waitress. It's been cast and written perfectly.

The only problem with the film is the tossed together story, which doesn't really begin until well into the film. That's when things begin falling apart for Peter, and the real point of the movie begins. What comes before it doesn't even come close to being boring, but it's an odd way to direct a film. (**** out of *****)

It would be hard to improve on the original DVD's transfer, and the tweaks have made this flawless even if it wasn't far from it to begin with. The clarity is stunning, fine detail high, and compression absent. It looks like cleaning has been done, definitely evident in a few shots that looked slightly rough previously. It's as gorgeous to look at as it is entertaining. (*****)

Not the type of film you'll put in to show off a home theater, the only real impact here comes from the bass. The soundtrack is filled with it, and aside from minor surround work, it's unremarkable otherwise. This sounds like the exact same mix. (****)

This Best Buy exclusive gift set comes in a flimsy package, made to look like a cabinet drawer. The extra items sit loose inside. Open this quickly or upside down by accident and everything will fall out. Inside you'll find a pen/pencil set, Lumbergh mug, mouse pad, picture magnet, notepad (the top piece made to look like a TPS report), and the infamous stapler complete with staples. It's not full size and it's not a Swingline though. It just features the Office Space font on the top.

Regardless of whether you buy the gift set or not, the disc remains unfortunately brief. Out of the Office features Mike Judge and various cast members discussing the film. There are some brief clips from the original animated short. This feature is dry, and there's not much here that's actually informative. It's just shy of the half hour mark.

Deleted scenes, eight of them to be specific, are basic cuts other than #3 in which Peter goes off on Nina about her phone answering style. There's an extra bit to the ending that's worth watching too even if it didn't fit in the film. These are all presented in VHS quality, blurry and obviously not well cared for. After that, it's the trailer and some funny DVD-ROM screen savers. (**)

For fans, this is a so-so upgrade. For die-hards who go for the full gift set, it's one of the funniest, if pointless, releases this year. It's almost worth the asking price for the stapler alone, though it's still a disappointment it's not a Swingline.

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In the film, it's a Swingline stapler, not a "Slimline".

That was an editing oopsie. Now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Lamar Cole:

Just as a stapler will bind paper, love will bind people.

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