The Simpsons Library of Wisdom: Comic Book Guy and Ralph Wiggum Book Reviews

Setting a new standard for characters, The Simpsons is a TV show that can barely be followed anymore by someone who hasn't been around from the start. It also makes it one of the deepest shows on TV, and with only a half hour of airtime, it's not always easy to learn the basics for each character. That makes these small Library of Wisdom Books invaluable.

Starting with Bart and Homer is an obvious testing point to see if there was interest, but with Ralph Wiggum and Comic Book Guy, they now make sense. They're not actually books to add some depth to an on-screen cartoon (which they also do), but a fun little read that will have you laughing just as much as the show. Fans will likely relate to Comic Book Guy as his Book of Pop Culture fits right in with the shows humor and technique.

You'll learn his dating style, geek T-shirt selection, customer stories, and maps to social events like gaming tournaments or movie theaters. It's either funny because you've been in every situation or depressing state of realism. Either way, it captures one of the funniest players on the show.

Ralph's book isn't as deep, but for fans, it makes sense. The character is clueless, completely devoid of even a minute amount of intelligence. The writing team does a masterful job of putting his thoughts down on paper and making it sound perfectly logical in Raph's frame of mind. There's even a small section tossed in the middle that looks, reads, and feels like a children's book written by Ralph.

These are both short books though, and even with all the original art and references fans will eat up, at $10 apiece (especially if they continue as a series for everyone in Springfield), it's a bit much. There's no question you'll find $10 worth of entertainment if you go cover to cover (and the work involved in their creation is obvious), but if they're going to milk these for everyone, the cover price needs to drop.

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