US retains hold of the internet

The US has won its fight to stay in charge of the internet, despite opposition from many nations.

In an eleventh-hour agreement ahead of a UN internet summit in Tunis, Tunisia, negotiators agreed to leave the US in charge of the net's addressing system.

Source: BBC News

I am glad to see that the Bush Administration has done something right lately. It is a very good thing, for many reasons more then political, that the US holds sway over the Internet's addressing system. This topic was up in the air, with no clear outlook for too long, it is good to see this resolved.

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Huh? The Bush administration has clearly shown that they're willing to interfere with the Internet and let politics stand in the way of common sense - see the .xxx TLD disaster. I'm sure they're not above cutting some countries off the Internet if they think it helps fighting terrorists or something. And if that happens, the domain servers will fragment, with many countries taking matters into their own hands. I don't get how this can be seen as a good thing.

I agree with you on the .xxx TLD. That would have been a big step in the right direction.

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