Contest: Win a copy of Retro Gaming Hacks!

What is Retro Gaming Hacks you ask? Why, it's a book from O'Reilly.

It's not just any book though. There are multiple sections written by Digital Press members, including myself, Rob O'Hara, and Jess Ragan!

To mark this small milestone in DP world domination, we have two copies to give away on the DP forums. However, the first prize winner will get some extras:

First prize:

Brand new copy of Retro Gaming Hacks
Brand new copy of Halo 2 Hacks
5,000 meseta (sort of like money used on the forums) donated by me

Second prize:

Brand new copy of Retro Gaming Hacks

If you finish third, well, you finish third. Sorry, but you can always pick up a copy of the book at Amazon!

There's still a question out there, and that's "What do I have to do to win this prize pack of unimaginable riches?"

Answer: Almost nothing!

Simply reply to this thread with a comment of any kind, whether serious, funny, witty, or insanely stupid. That's it. In other words, if you're registered, you're ready to go. Obviously, you'll need to be a registered member of the forums to do this, so if you're not registered, this would be the time to do that.

This contest will run until December 17th until 11:59 pm eastern. ONLY ENTER ONCE! If you reply twice (or more), all entries will be invalid. If you have a question about the contest, you can do so via PM to me on the forums.


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