DVD Review: World Series 2005 - Chicago White Sox

Even though it was a sweep, the 2005 World Series will be remembered for Game 3. The longest game in the deciding baseball series, that 14-inning struggle kept many fans up late, and likely off work the next day. White Sox fans have a nice, short look at the season, and an hours worth of highlights from the Series on this DVD.

It only takes 23 minutes to move from the beginning of the season to the World Series. To say things move quickly would be an understatement. Michael Clarke Duncan offers the narration in a perfect, deep, and forceful voice that adds a nice layer of drama over the otherwise brief series.

Editing is brisk, and there are definitely times where you want more. The entire main program is just a little over an hour long, and there's not much time to feature anything aside from chopped up highlights. There are some little pieces of the players outside of the stadium, and while appreciated, with so little time to spare, there should have been a focus either on or off the field.

Still, for those fans that don't have the time to watch full games, this is an easy way to experience the White Sox and their run. When a team doesn't pull this off for 88 years, it's something special. This isn't the perfect way to do it, but it's a nice piece of memorabilia for a fan this year. (*** out of *****)

Video quality is all over the place. Game footage is either brilliant, or VHS quality. Aliasing is an issue in some shots, and not others. Given the wide variety of media these clips were taken from, it's expected. There are some beautiful moments though, certainly enough to get the full effect of the format. (***)

Audio is presented in 2.0 stereo. Again, the different media used to capture it is the reason there's no 5.1 track to enjoy. It's serviceable, and next to James Earl Jones, no actors voice can send a subwoofer trembling into a corner like Duncan's. (***)

Extras are mostly comprised of key moments. These include:

Scott Podsednick's walk-off home run in Game 2
Paul Konerko's grand slam in Game 2
Geoff Blum's game winning home run in Game 3
Sox clinching the ALCS, ALDS
Trophy Presentation

From there, it's mostly stuff not shown on TV. There's an odd This Week in Baseball clip on Ozzie Guillen falling for the hidden ball trick twice. Its relationship to anything else on this DVD is minimal at best. The final three outs of the series are here, including the locker room celebration. Finally, there's a newsreel feature from the first game of the 1959 World Series. It's a nice feature set, and covers the best moments. The major plays are here, and anything else not included separately is in the main feature. (***)

If you truly want the full experience from this series, wait. All four games, in their entirety, will be released on DVD in March. As if they're mocking you for buying this highlight disc, there's ad for it inside the case.

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