Burger King Hires Robber

Let's run down this illogical series of events that prove humanity is spiraling downward into an apocalypse because of their own stupidity:

1. Someone is dumb enough to rob a fast food joint.

2. That same someone is dumb enough to return to said fast food joint.

3. That same return visit, idiot criminal is dumb enough to fill out an application at the fast food joint.

4. Manager of fast food joint is dumb enough to hire the guy who robbed his store.

5. Robber was stupid enough to make himself identifiable to the restraurant clerks who he then scares sh*tless on his first day.

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Maybe he thought he could make off with $200 everyday? Maybe he thought the girl behind the counter was *really* hot?

I don't know... that is just plain not smart.

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