Call of Duty 2 Conquers Sales Charts

We've reported before about how Call of Duty 2 had impressive sales numbers, but who knew it sold so well that it broke into the top 20 grossing titles of 2005? Practically everyone who managed to get a hold of Microsoft's next-gen console must have had this title on their wish list since it blew away a lot of strong competition from popular titles on both the Xbox and the far more prevalent PS2.
Source: IGN

Now there is a statistic to be proud of. Not only is CoD2 the top selling Xbox 360 game, but it made it onto a rather exclusive list after only being out for less then two months in 2005. It outsold games like Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube! (That came out in January 2005.) The real clincher is that it made more money then every single PC game released in 2005.

Heck, I just ordered it myself. The demo of the game was frustrating as hell. Here I find out it is late in the game. Why they put a demo out like that I have no idea. But this weekend I played through the training mission and part of the first mission and I am sold. The smoke and fire effects are like nothing you have ever seen before in a video game.

Matt was right about the T (Teen) rating by the ESRB. This is a brutal game with a lot of blood and bodies flying everywhere. I am sure the T rating made for higher sales, however.

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