December 2005 Site Stats

Wow. I was just looking through the December 2005 site statistics. There is a lot that will not be said in this post, because I do not need this post turning up as #1 for bandwidth on said subjects. What I will say, and gets a wow times five, is the #1 day for traffic in December. Take a guess. Breaking Windows hovers around 2000 unique visits a day. I am very happy with that, as my pocketbook is also very happy with that. December 25th saw 3,402 unique eye balls, 9,827 pages, 24,278 hits and used up 312.91 MB of bandwidth - all on Christmas! Hello? That gets a WTF award for sure.

Is that a social commentary on America? I think it is.

What the hell are all you people doing at my blog on Christmas day? Even I, one of the most connected-via-T1-to-Internet people I know was not on the computer on Christmas for more then 10 minutes, and I was not even reading blogs - I was deleting SPAM!

In other news: Top 5 keywords searched -- "PSP," "iPod," "Windows," with "WEP," "error," and "Mac" rounding out the list. Nevermind this is a decidedly Mac-friendly, dare I say evangelistic, site. But I understand, I do not have as much time to write about the Mac as I would like.

But that many unique visits on Christmas Day?

*shakes head*

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Lucky, all my top search words are about boobs or vaginas or boy flies...

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