DOA 4 Features Game Clearing Glitch

Someone on Digital Press reported they had the same problem about a week ago, but we all thought it had something to do with the Fight Night demo. Not so as Gamespot is reporting.

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Well, to be clear, what Gamespot is reporting is not what happened to that person on the DP boards. At least they added [DOA4] to the quote.

The fix is easy enough. And is a MAJOR annoyence I need to write about: Be sure you are logged into XBL before you play your game.

The major annoyance I refer to is this: In the month + that I have been playing my Xbox 360, I have never wanted to boot strait into a game. I ALWAYS go to the Dashboard first.

This should a) be an option and b) CLEARLY be an option to turn auto-load of games on/off. They wrote an entirely new Operating System for the 360 for crying out loud, how hard could it be to add that option. And you have got to be kidding me if none of the people developing the 360 did NOT want the game to auto-load.

I am going to write a letter to MS about the auto-load thing. I really rubs me the wrong way.


Well, it sure did, like the rest of us, Matt. There should be no problem at all but they have made the thing a bit complicated. DOA4 could have been better off...Autoload glitch should clearly be cleared out, if they want the players not to get conked. We hope to hear more updates and news 'bout this soon!

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