Feltris Blocks

Viva la spatial-reasoning puzzle! These blocks are squishily made of simple felt and stuffing. Teach yourself to be better at Tetris. Teach your children to be hopeless geeks before they can even speak! Includes one of every common Tetris block.

They cost $30, with $3 shipping, and you can even PayPal your order. They are made by a student at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. I have no idea what the dimensions are though. I emailed and asked, however.

From seller theconnor:

Each 'pixel' square was designed to be about 1 1/8". The longest block is about five inches. Gives you some idea of the relative size. And thanks!
I have asked a few more questions. Hopefully I will get enough information to write an article for Blogcritics.org on these things - because they are so cool!

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