Fight Night Round 3 Demo On XBL Marketplace

The Fight Night Round 3 demo can be summed up in one word: amazing. Well two, if you put the F word in there. This demo is truly stunning. I have not had this much fun in a boxing game since the NES's Punch Out.

Paprocki tells me it corrupts Xbox user profiles though, and that does not sound good. Though I see no such report other then one on DP.

I am totally floored that something this good looking and refined is coming from EA. Especially seeing how their other 360 sports "ports" came together for the 360 launch.

Developed by EA Chicago, (Def Jam series) Fight Night Round 3 looks to be a win for next-gen graphics. Not only that, but the controls feel great and the commentary is very good.

Not to sound like a PR guy, but go download the demo and try it out!

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