Flaming Lips and Chilli Fingers

Couple odd bits of news I just heard about on the radio; I thought they were worth posting because I couldn't decide how to react, whether I should laugh or cringe or what.

Isabella, the 38 year-old French woman who received a lip and nose transplant in November, is taking up smoking again to the consternation of her doctors. And the couple who sued Columbus-based Wendy's restaurants over a severed finger in their chilli, but who it was later revealed had planted the pointer, have received a combined 21 years in prison for the stunt.

1) It got weirder when I heard the French woman needed the new bits because her dog mauled her last year, but maybe I just have developed an odd relation to both dogs and the French if I found this a bit funny or, if that's not the word, at least affirming of how strongly I dislike dogs. I mean I am picturing her keeping a nasty dog in her house, and it goes and eats her face, so she gets a new one from a braindead donor, and then smokes till her lips fall clean off. Weirder yet, rumor has it her dog ate her face while she was lying in a self-induced coma from a suicide attempt. (Some fellow who received a celebrated hand transplant asked to have it cut off again after a year, and he also had attempted suicide.)
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2) The Wendy's thing is almost better. California court gave Anna Ayala and her husband Jaime Plascencia nine years for the scam, while Plascencia got an extra three years for not paying child support. They were also ordered to pay $22 million. Seems extremely tough to me, since the result of her scam was only lost profits for a corporation.

"Investigators determined Plascencia obtained the piece of finger from a co-worker who had lost the top of a digit in an industrial accident at a Las Vegas paving company. The man had turned over the finger fragment to settle a $50 debt.

Wendy's International, based in Dublin, Ohio, paid a $100,000 reward for information to help establish the source of the severed finger." I like the "Cinderella's glass slipper" image this gives me, of police ordering everyone missing a digit down to the station to see if the chilli finger fit...

I like how pithy and overdramatic the judge's comment sounds: "'Greed and avarice overtook this couple and they lost their moral compass,' Judge Davila said." Ayala, meanwhile, recanted her scheme as "a moment of poor judgement," and apologised to the restaurant because "Wendy's had always been my family's favourite fast food restaurant."

On a final note, after the finger was found "the chain gave away free ice cream to try to lure customers back into its San Jose area restaurants."
Meanwhile I am going to avoid ordering any Chilli in France for fear of finding a whole face fallen in the bowl.

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