Friend Sells PowerBook G4 for $180

A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, just sold her PowerBook G4 (circa January 2001) for $180. For only $180? Lets back up a few years.

We both bought our PowerBooks at the same time. I remember recommending the spec for her 400 Mhz PowerBook while I got the 500 Mhz model. It wasn't long after she got the PowerBook that someone decided to (accidently) put there elbow or arm down on top of the closed PowerBook breaking the LCD screen.

It is amazing how much Apple charges to fix the screen, even if you spend the money on AppleCare. Long story short: she never fixed the screen and hooked the PowerBook up to a VGA monitor for its entire life.

I am quite impressed that her 'Book is still working. Mine didn't last near as long.

But $180? That is just too funny... for me. That is one heck of an expensive keyboard you just sold.

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next time tell your friend to look on ebay for a screen. much cheaper.

We did, but it still costs a lot!

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