Game Boy Advance Review: Cartoon Network Block Party

Sloppily trying to become a new Mario Party, this Majesco produced mess doesn't do anything for Game Boy Advance owners. The poor kids who are stuck with Cartoon Network Block Party as a gift from an unknowing parent are the ones who suffer. Majesco makes the cash either way, and it's obvious that's the only concern with a title produced like this.

Borderline false advertising, Block Party claims to have fourteen mini games on the box. In all actuality, there are fewer since some are copies of each other, only in barely different environments. You'll get to play these by rolling along on a sub-standard board game that offers nothing of value. They might as well get directly into the game since the boards most thrilling moment comes when you land on "move back a space." Needless to say, the drama isn't exactly gripping.

Up to four players can take part in this ugly, dull, unoriginal excuse for a party game. The challenges are mostly rip-offs of classic arcade games, but without any of the charms or style that earned them the acknowledgement of a classic. One of the worst is a barren Super Sprint racer that moves so slowly, it's hard to even tell that you're racing. Kaboom! is here too, and again, it's not worth the trouble. Controls range from adequate to abysmal.

Each game can be played separately outside of the four different game boards (which are different only in shape and graphics). This might have offered something worthwhile, but there's no high score challenge… or any other kind of challenge for that matter. You simply play until the game stops you, usually in less than a minute. In other words, aside from the agonizingly slow board game portion, you'll see it all in under 15-minutes.

Even if it's aimed at the younger set, there's no reason for this. The license is a complete waste (there's nothing here that's specific to the mega-selection of four characters), and they're featured for the sole purpose of being on the box. Small children will likely figure out they're being taken after a few plays, and it's hard to blame them for throwing a tantrum. This is the type of junk that nearly killed the industry about 20 years ago.

(* out of *****)

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