Happy New Year!

If you're reading this a few minutes after I posted it, you probably need more of a life than I do. If you're reading it with a hangover, that means you likely didn't spend the first morning of 2006 playing your N-Gage. That's a good thing.

Happy New Year!

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Matt, did you ever get the last of 2005 and the first of 2006 on BC?

And to think, you missed out on the N-Gage until it died. Do you have the complete set of games for it yet?

Yeah, I pulled it off. I had four windows open, each with a post ready to go in case I timed it wrong or someone was trying to challenge me. They didn't.

I'll have about 18 games total this week. I have nine now. I think they're up to 50 or so currently. Shouldn't be too hard to complete since most are so cheap, and given the sales numbers, they could be hard to find down the road.

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