iPod shuffle Repair and Accessory Replacement

I recently wrote about my iPod shuffle falling apart. I called Apple Tech today and they sent me to this page. Just like with their PowerBook repair boxes I have so many times used, Apple will send you a box for your shuffle. Mine is broke so it will be replaced. But it will only take a couple days.

How nice. I should have called sooner.

Of course the flippin' site will not recognize my serial number (in Safari or Firefox) that I am grabbing out of System Profiler. Grr. Skip that one, it wants a different Serial Number! It wants the other one, duh!

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i dont know whats wrong with my ipod shuffle. when i push the play button the 2 lights blink at the same time. can anyone help me. please


I can not charge my ipod shuffle.Help

Lola Jobi:

I can load songs onto the ipod shuffle but it refuses to play when i press the play button. If i connect it to the computer and try to play, it plays normally.


my shuffle can't be recognised by any computer, i tried charging it on a normal charger and it won't connect there either. i think the usb link might be messed up but i've never heard of that happening before... any thoughts???


Amber and green lights blinking? It is the iPod, not a USB port. I have seen the Genius bar and they would have replaced it if I was still under warranty but I was out by 1 month. The iPod shuffle is 13 months old. There are thousands of failures out there so our best hope is another class action suit.

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