Leaving On A Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk

I am not even going to link to her site. This song is that bad.

I was going through my movie soundtracks tonight and found that I had the soundtrack for Armageddon, I forgot I even had it. By the way, that is not an odd assurance, I have a large digital music collection so I find stuff I never knew I had all the time.

Anyways, Chantal Kreviazuk sings a remake of Leaving On A Jet Plane. There are a lot of people who have covered this song. I have not heard all the covers, but this cover by Chantal Kreviazuk is utterly atrocious--make my ears bleed--bad.

I just thought I would tell you that. Other then this song, and the "Animal Crackers" track, it is an OK soundtrack. Sadly I know this was a CD I actually bought in the physical form years ago. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was from one of those BMG or Columbia House deals and I had to pick some filler.

Some artists should only be allowed to record their original work - and Kreviazuk is one of them!

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