MacBook Pro: What You Need To Know

From the outside, Apple’s new MacBook Pro looks suspiciously like a 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4. Yes, the ports are slightly different, and it’s slightly wider and thinner. But inside, it’s a completely different machine.
Source: Macworld

Some great info here, including this tidbit:

Apple has redesigned the way the power charger connects to the laptop. (Yes, laptop users who have collected a zillion power adapters, this means you’ll have to invest in all-new adapters.) The MagSafe Connector uses magnets in the cable and the computer to secure the connection.
Thanks Apple. I have three such power bricks for my PowerBook. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks Apple. I have three such power bricks for my PowerBook.

I have seven (yep, seven) of them. Five of those are broken because some stupid moron stumbled over the cable. I'll gladly buy a new second adapter if it means I won't have to replace it every six months.

I think this change is utterly awesome.


i've been waiting and waiting for the new Powerbook to really upgrade itself and it looks like it has with this mac book pro but its totally useless to me untill all the software I use updates itself. If Photoshop runs slow then my CAD programs would be hell. I want to get one but it wouldn't really be 4X faster if I had to use Rosetta for every program. here comes the waiting game.

Yea, I will gladly buy a second or third MagSage adapter as well, but they are an investment!

My dad has four or five of those suckers. I know many people that have more then three as well.

I know of one person who is recently having PowerBook problems because of the power chord being yanked right out of the PowerBook. Wonderful feature it be.

I'm definetely getting one of these

4 Broken HP laptop adapter
3 Broken Dell laptop power adapters
2 Broken Dell motherboard power connectors (where it plugs in always snaps)

Such a good idea, go apple!

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