Marble Blast Ultra, Full Auto Demo Hit Xbox Live

Fresh content! Keep these Xbox Live Arcade games coming.

Marble Blast Ultra is ready for download for all you Xbox Live Arcade fanatics out there. It costs 800 Microsoft Points (roughly $10) and features 60 single player levels, 12 Achievements, 20 Easter Eggs, and eight-player multiplayer mayhem in 10 different levels on Xbox Live.

Marble Blast Ultra comes by way of GarageGames. Not only does GarageGames have deep library of games for Mac and Windows (and now Xbox 360) but they also develop and license the Torque game engine.

Torque is available in both 2D and 3D flavors and is relatively inexpensive ($100) for people just starting out. Marble Blast Ultra provides yet another wonderful example of what can be done with the Torque engine, as well as a glimpse into the future of indie game development on Xbox Live Arcade.

Marble Blast Ultra will seem familiar to anyone who has played the Marble Blast or Marble Madness series'. This time you have power-ups to help weave your way through the mazes and obstacles in your path. This game may well hold you over until Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

Full Auto is also available for download today. This demo is no different then the one found on the Official Xbox Magazine DVD from a couple months ago. Developed by Pseudo Interactive (Cel Damage) and published by SEGA, this game looks to redefine the car combat genre once again.

"The world's most destructible racing game" features car combat similar to Burnout, plus guns reminiscent of Twisted Metal. The game also uses an "unwreck" mechanic where you can rewind time to get around a nasty crash. That is right out of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. That may sound like an odd ball feature set, but it makes for great fun. Most everything in the game is destructible and the particle effects show off the power of the 360 quite well.

In the demo you have the choice of either a car witch rockets or one that has mines. You can guess which one is more fun to play. The name of the game is to win the race, of course, but you will have to take out a few other cars first. This fast paced car wreck is set to hit store shelves February 14.

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