My New iPod shuffle

Five days ago I filled out a form for a replacement iPod shuffle. Three days ago I received my new iPod shuffle, free of charge. Although I must say I am glad I was home when it was delivered.

It arrived via DHL, who are really fast, but they never nock. It had rained and the cement step outside my apartment was still wet. Though my iPod was sitting in a very not-waterproof envelope damp when I got it. You see I had to check the DHL web page to see that my package was even delivered.

It is a very good thing it didn't rain that day, as we have been getting a lot of rain lately. Which incidentally in Ohio means we will have winter until June or July.

Lets just hope that this one does not fall apart on me. I will be more careful this time. I will not *gasp* carry it around in my pocket every day.

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Not only does DHL not knock, they don't even bother coming to the door. My DHL delivery idiot leaves my packages propped up against the garage door. Luckily I generally know the package is there when I arrive from work.

But over Christmas, I received a package I wasn't expecting. I pulled into the drive, hitting my garage opener as usual, and noted the opener's light had burnt out. As I pulled into the garage I heard a pop. Huh? Then I heard it again as the rear wheels ran over the package. Of course it was fragile.

DHL is currently disputing that they are responsible. I've filed in small claims for damages: nearly $200 for an original piece of glass art work plus a set of 4 tires. That's right - two flats.

Oh that so sucks! Sorry to hear it David. Good luck with that mess.

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