Nipplegate II: WWE Style

Vince McMahon's WWE Raw has pulled some classic stunts over the twelve years I've religiously watched it, but tonight, well, this one is probably going to end up everywhere.

During a hilarious and stupid "live sex" act, WWE Diva Lita's breast made it on screen for a whopping split-second fully exposed. They immediately cut to a blank screen and used the classic "It's live TV" excuse. Surely one of the "parent groups" will be all over this explaining how it's destroyed our country and the children are traumatized. They'll also tell you how offended you were even if you didn't watch it. Don't call me psychic, I just know those groups are beyond stupid. So, we'll get it out of the way now:

IT'S A NIPPLE PEOPLE. Grow the hell up. Thank you.

Read Matt's full article over at Blogcritics.

I'll also add that this made it to Fark, and as I make this edit, it's broke the 60,000 hits barrier.

Comments (5)

Thank god you posted this at BC, I don't need that kind of bandwidth hit! Hehe.

I watched the video, those people in the first few rows of seets opposite the main camera sure got a good look at Lita - ALL of Lita - considering she was indeed topless for the stint.


People watching wrestling and then complaining about a freaking nipple, that's just priceless. Bashing each other's head in is good, clean fun, but having to see a female's nipple, that just destroys your mind, right?

(Don't get me wrong, I love wrestling, but I love nipples more).

Well, I hope these morons take a trip to europe, turn on an italian tv show - any italian tv show - and drop dead because of the shock they are gonna get.

So, anyway. Picture? Where? :-)

Well LKM, the WWE slammed (ha ha) Blogcritics with a nice long C&D order. So I am not about to put them up. But it should not be too hard to find pics and a video. I have a mpg I saved that someone linked to in a comment on the BC post, it might well still be there (hint hint).


send me all wwe divas nude pic gallery.

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