SA Game and Movie Hybrids 2

Something Awful is running another Photoshop-fest, this time spoofing games and movies. Jordan found this but was too lazy to post it. Credit goes to him though. My favorites?

Final Fight, staring Guy and Cody (Fight Club)
Katamari Damacry: Roll Up The Machines (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)
Requiem For A Dreamcast (Requiem For A Dream)
Full Metal Gear Solid (Full Metal Jacket)

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Jordan Fouts:

"Memiors of a Gaiden" is fucking great. This is part 2 that Ken linked to by the way; part one, last Friday, included such gems as "The Tetris Chainsaw Massacre."

I looked for part 1, do you know the link? And in the intro it says "Roughly three years ago" not days ago.

Jordan Fouts:

Here's part one of this installment:
(sorry i am being a lazy turd and not using my html.)

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