Sci-Fi Channel Original Review: Caved In - Prehistoric Terror

If Caved In is any indication of the garbage Sci-Fi Channel will be pushing onto its fans this year, it's going to be a long one. Copying last years disaster Centipede, Caved In gives the world another meaningless giant insect flick, with zero redeeming value. If you're looking for entertainment, you're watching the wrong network on Saturday night.

Like everything else slapped with a Sci-Fi Channel original moniker, you can almost envision a small group of cheap labor overseas employees cranking out these movies. There's no other excuse for these atrocious and obviously unbelievable special effects. At least in the 1950s when the special effects went wrong, it could be entertaining. These creatures fail to capture any of the camp, unintentional comedy, or style of those films.

Unlike numerous other films like this (and there are - depressingly - a lot of them), Caved In wastes no time showcasing its creatures. In this case, it might have been a better idea to wait. Even when they're ripping people apart, slicing limbs, or munching on human leftovers, there is zero fear from the audience's perspective. At the very least, you'll know early on not to waste your time.

What little time there is for story offers nothing but knock-offs of countless other movies. Besides, whenever there's an old, abandoned mine filled with emeralds, there's bound to be a movie close by. The clich├ęs continue as one of the spelunkers reveals himself to be "the evil one" who wants this massive treasure to himself. The point of keeping this secret is... actually, there isn't one. It's another way to kill screen time.

Characters are wiped out as expected, slowly picked off as their weapons fail to contain the giant beetle invasion. Instead of standard guns, the crew has luckily equipped some laser mining tools. There's no explanation for the bugs existence, and none for these magical weapons of bug-zapping destruction.

For as much as CG special effects cost and the effectiveness of life-size props, why these clunkers continue to make the same mistakes is baffling. Someone needs to sit the writers and special effects crews down with Them! to show all involved how it should (and could) be done. Until that wishfully happens, find a different station to watch.

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