Small Site Changes Make Big Difference

Yes, I know - it's a cheesy headline. I could not resist. :)

The other day I actually took some time to tend to this site. Imagine that! You can continue reading if you really care about the new super cool changes.

Email Headline Subscriptions: I am finally done with Bloglet. That was such an unreliable service! Total crap. Every few days I would have to go to their site and turn my feed back on. If I could remember. There was never a problem, it was just always set to the warning sign - meaning that there was a problem with my feed. GAWD how I hated that service. I could rant for hours as to how much they suck.

Now I am using FeedBlitz for email subscriptions. Out of the 80 subscribers that were signed up through Bloglet (there was even a handy Bloglet import) only 43 were good emails (meaning FeedBlitz even does a reverse lookup on the email addresses subscribed to your feed). So thank you, you 43 email subscribers.

The email looks nicer now, and it is a lot easier to unsubscribe if you chose to! But why would you? You never know what will show up here on Breaking Windows!

RSS Feeds: Gone are the RSS .91, RSS 1.0 and even the RSS 2.0 feeds. You can't even find a link on the site for the Atom 1.0 feed, but it is there. I am now using FeedBurner for my RSS. This does several things: It makes my Atom feed compatible with what you use (an older RSS spec for example); it allows users to easily subscribe with My Yahoo! and Bloglines, to name a couple services; and hopefully takes some of the bandwidth off of my server.

In theory everything should be transparent. Meaning you should not know the feed URL has changed (unless you are using really old and outdated software to read my RSS feed, and I doubt you are as RSS software is fairly new as it is.) There are redirects in place so hopefully no one will get an Error 404.

My feeds are also no longer full text. I am trading off one evil for another, I know. But we will see how it goes.

Error Documents: You would not believe - or maybe you would - that I wasted over 2 GB of bandwidth in December on just the Error 404 page alone. Not to mention the other error pages that get hit because of one thing or another. There are new bare bones error pages now. I could have been even less forgiving with no font styling, but this is a huge improvement over what I had (pages left over from Breaking Windows 1.0).

Google AdSense Ads: I tried AdSense a while ago and decided it was not working well. So I took them down. That was a really stupid idea. In the very short time I had them on the site, it made a good chunk of change (they don't want you to say how much, and I don't feel like telling you). Really. Stupid. Idea.

So the AdSense ads are back. You may see even more ads go up, I don't know. Don't worry, I won't go putting AdSense banners in my RSS feed. That may be a lucrative market right now, but they are on the site as it is. And I think that is enough.

Maybe soon all of us regular Breaking Windows writers can get a cup of coffee down at Grounds for Though sometime soon - or not.

Monthly Archives: Gone. Did anyone use them? I hadn't even taken the time to pretty them up and make them very functional. So this was an easy solution for that problem.

Xbox 360 Gamertag: I have wanted to put this on my site for a while, but the code that Microsoft gives you is: complex, an iframe tag; and wider then my right column. Not wanting to widen my right column, I found, which offers a great service - for free.

Small plug - gives you four choices in sizes, HTML (it rips a PNG from your GamerCard), BBCode, and even Flash.

Now If Matt or any of the other Breaking Windows writers ever get Live on the 360, I will add them to the right column too! Then we can see, as Matt puts it, who is more insecure.

What Next: The Search Template still needs work, and I think I will be putting the right column on all pages. But I don't feel like doing that right now. That was enough for one day though, wasn't it?

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Gah. Not a big fan of partial-text feeds. I can understand it for long reviews but smaller posts just look silly, especially as none of the formatting is carried.

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