Top 10 WTF Moments of 2005 from

#1: 'Tard Pack - $299.99 for an Xbox 360 with no wireless controllers, no hard drive, no backwards compatability, and naturally, no downloadable content. So you save a hundred bucks. Except you'll need to spend forty of that on a memory unit, anyway. But hey, you can still afford one more 360 game. The only announcement more WTF worthy will be if someone knowingly buys it.
Source: 1UP

Yes even Jack Thompson made the list, and the #2 reason about Shadow the Hedgehog is priceless. But the "'Tard Pack" does take the cake.

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Every once in a while, the video game press will say something funny, and this is funny:

Sure, you may think that's funny now, but wait until WW-III hits and you're drafted into the cockpit of a fighter bomber and discover that it controls just like Star Fox.

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