TV Review: Spike TV's Fresh Baked Video Games

After losing nearly their entire gaming demographic with the abysmal and blatantly corporate sponsored Spike TV Game Awards, it's hard to imagine the station sinking any lower. In fact, Game Head isn't half bad, hosted by Geoff Keighly and featuring actual content. Sadly, that's not what will be reviewed here. Instead, this is Fresh Baked Video Games.

If you could, imagine half the budget of G4's X-Play, take out the single joke that's occasionally funny, add in writers who very likely are "freshly baked," and you have this new Spike TV travesty. Their website lists it as a "hypersonic comedy stew inspired by the irreverent and subversive attitude found in video games and people who play them."

There are a few things in there worth dissecting before we even begin thrashing this abusively terrible show. First, the big words used in that description alienate the four year olds that would actually find this garbage funny. Secondly, if you've ever picked up a controller, you have every right to be offended, send millions of pieces of hate mail to the network, protest outside their corporate offices, and threaten legal action for emotional distress for their horrible stereotyping of game players. Not a single true gamer would inspire this.

Besides the low-level description that tries to look intelligent, Fresh Baked Video Games attempts to mimic something like Saturday Night Live, only forgets the whole comedy bit. A parody segment made to look like a news report on the invention of video games takes us to an Amish village where we see them churn butter. Let's be clear: This is the highlight of the writing team's humor in this half hour disgrace to cable.

If that's not lowbrow enough, take a look at their giveaway section, when a poor sap has a chance to win a free copy of Burnout Revenge. Since this is Fresh Baked Video Games, all he has to do is choose how he takes a shot to his testicles, whether by baseball bat, female dancer, or mace. This makes the Amish segment look highbrow by comparison. Worse yet, a shot to the balls should be funny (why else is America's Funniest Home Videos still on the air?). However, the lead-up to this segment was so atrocious, it loses all of its appeal in context.

Then again, when a show starts with a chick in a bikini testing out a new vibrating chair to determine whether Call of Duty or Brothers in Arms is more "satisfying," maybe we expect too much given that the "acting" quality is worse than your typical amateur porno. This is the type of trash that gives games in general a bad name, and if running over dead hookers in Grand Theft Auto was the previous low point, it has competition as of this show's premiere date. One can only hope this shows dies a quick, yet painful, death.

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"First, the big words used in that description alienate the four year olds that would actually find this garbage funny."

That made my day.

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