Dead or Alive 4 Progress

I picked up Dead or Alive 4 the day it came out. I was so excited. My first 360 game past launch!

I really dig the DOA games. DOA2 on the Dreamcast was one of my favorites for that system. I have DOA2 on the PS2, DOA3 on the Xbox and DOA Ultimate on the Xbox. Like I said, I dig the series.

My joy quickly turned south after playing DOA4 for the first time. It was not because it was on a crappy 27" SDTV, it was because I suck at DOA4! What the hell did they do to my favorite fighting game? The timing for counters and throws are now paper thin. The window of opportunity to perry your opponent in DOA3 seams like eternity in comparison to DOA4.

That was in late December. It is now February and I have completed all of the Story Modes, finished a little Time Attack, and spent many nights up playing DOA4 on Xbox Live.

I quickly fell from C to D, E, and even F ranking on Xbox Live. Wow that is far. I am now up to a D, and even had a C- for a little bit. I still cannot counter very well but I am getting better at blocking. And yes, I have every zero-point Achievement in the game. But I do have a gold star!

Was it worth the purchase? You bet.

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