Dick Cheney Bitch

I haven't heard any good jokes about Cheney's hunting accident yet (though the details are funny enough in themselves, right down to his check for $12), but I randomly came across this posting on the Ann Arbor Craigslist:

Any Liberals want to go Hunting? Reply to: pers-133574441@craigslist.org Date: 2006-02-13, 1:14PM EST


Anyway I chuckled at it.

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You have to see the Dick Cheney Duck Hunt spoof that The Daily Show did. Link.

Jordan Fouts:

ha ha, sweet. thanks, i would have missed it otherwise... all i've watched lately are the olympics and grey's anatomy.

this is also vying with that damned caricature scandal for most number of responses by newspaper political cartoons. most are the same joke in both cases, though I loved this one where a tv reporter is saying, "1500 aetheists rioted today after a few blank sheets of paper were found on a political cartoonist's desk."

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