DS Lite Diet Facts

For a system that looks so good, playing GBA games, quite frankly, doesn't look good. Due to the smaller form factor, all cartridges stick out an extra centimeter or so, so you're not likely to store a GBA game there in case for the off chance you decide to play it.
Source: Aussie-Nintendo via Joystiq

When the photo came out showing the GBA cart not flush with the DS Lite, I wondered if this was the case. This is bad design. It is not as bad as a GBC game in a GBA SP, but the GBA cart is small. Nintendo should have designed the DS Lite for a flush GBA cart.

Metroid Prime Pinball, among other games coming out, use the rumble pak that uses the GBA slot. So it is not just GBA games that Nintendo overlooked. The rumble pak for the DS proves that there are more functions for the GBA slot then just older games.

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I actually agree. This will probably kill the whole enhancement pack idea. Nobody with a Lite is going to use the rumble back (or any other enhancement thingie) if it doesn't fit into the case. They should have found a solution for that problem. I'm sure they figured that out by themselves, and they probably had very good reasons to go with the current design, but still, I think it's a bad move.

Either way, I'm going to buy one as soon as they come out here :-)

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