Taco Bell Hot Sauce Phrase Labeled Offensive

The short story:

Taco Bell held a contest for people to put funny slogans on their hot sauce packets. One of them happened to be "Not a flotation device," or other wording close to it.

Mildly amusing given all the warnings on other products these days, but apparently, this woman decided it was offensive. How? It's an insult to Mexicans who struggle to bring their families to freedom.

Now, I'm not a geography expert, but if you need to traverse water to get to America from Mexico, you're probably headed in the wrong direction. Secondly, if you walk into a Taco Bell and associate it with Mexicans in the first place, that's an offensive stereotype.

I probably would have shrugged the whole thing off if there was no response, BUT TACO BELL IS PULLING THE PACKETS. So, there are multiple stupid people involved here: Taco Bell's higher-ups who don't have the balls to stand up to overly politically correct people and this woman who is far more racist than a packet of hot sauce.

As such, Taco Bell has lost me as a customer unless the packets go back into their restaraunts and I can use one myself. Secondly, I think it's time for a hate group, and the website should be www.stupidassholes.org. Thanks to this woman, I think I've found my goal in life. It's time to stand up to the morons of the world who take something and blow it up into an incident that causes a company to throw away thousands (probably more) of packets of hot sauce. I have no problem with hating people like this.

If this was Burger King, they would have sent that creepy King to scare the hell out of her. Since that could offensive to King's, I would suggest anywhere in the area protest outside her house until she admits she's stupid. Until then, there's no justice. Taco Bell will be getting an e-mail as well from me.

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WMP tells me "An error occurred." Stupid WMP. And stupid woman.

What better way to tell the world you are a racist then this?

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