Windows XP on the Intel-based Macintosh

We now have Windows XP running on the Intel-based Macintosh — as a guest operating system under the Linux version of VMware." "To anybody who has used Windows XP under Virtual PC on the PowerPC version of Mac OS X: you will simply be blown away by how fast Windows XP runs under VMware on the new hardware.
Source: Mac OS X Internals

This is great news. But I don't really want to jump through hoops like that. Hopefully running Vista on an Intel Mac will be a bit easier.

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Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a Mac?

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a Mac?

No. Next question please.

Seriously, though. If you were only running Windows on your Intel Mac, then yeah, that would kind of defeat the purpose of buying a Mac in the first place. Even though I know a few people who don't mind using Windows, but would like to own a sleek Apple notebook. But still, the Mac OS is what makes a Mac a Mac, so running only Windows on a Mac kind of defeats the purpose.

However, this is not what this is about.

Almost nobody wants to replace Mac OS with Windows. People simply want to be able to run Windows applications on their Macs. Games, mostly, and possibly a few vertical market solutions that don't have Mac versions.

Being able to do that at native Intel speed does not defeat the purpose of the Mac, but does in fact make the Mac an even better choice for most people.

Not to mention that running Windows in a VPC/VMWare kind of environment means that you get Windows without all the problems which Windows normally has. You can easily backup and duplicate whole partitions, roll changes back, save the current RAM state and recover in case of a crash.

Kind of defeats the purpose of Windows-only computers, though :-)

I could not have said that any better myself LKM. But in all honesty, Matt was just bating us. He should get smacked for it too.

*ken smacks matt upside head*

When I can run Windows on my MacBook Pro, I will have no need to have a separate Dell laptop. So as LKM just stated, it defeats the purpose of having a Windows-only computer.

Vista will run on Intel Macs natively. The reason XP does not has to do with the way XP boots. I cannot remember the technical term.

But that is pretty sweet that VMWare is running XP on an Intel Mac. VMWare is very good software. If only VPC was as nice.

Vista will run on Intel Macs natively. The reason XP does not has to do with the way XP boots. I cannot remember the technical term.

Ah, sounds like a job for Supersoftwareengineer! :-)

It's like that: When you turn on a computer, there's a piece of code which runs first. This piece of code does a few things. Mainly, it tests the hardware and then starts the actual operating system.

Apple has in recent years used Open Firmware for this task. On the Windows side, they used BIOS. BIOS is, well, outdated, so Intel designed EFI, the Extensible Firmware Interface. This is pretty much the Intel version of Open Firmware, a modern firmware implementation.

Apple uses EFI in its new machines. Unfortunately, Windows XP needs BIOS to boot. EFI does support a BIOS compatibility mode, but Apple has not implemented that particular feature. That means that XP can't boot on these Macs. Vista will support EFI, so it will most likely boot on Intel Macs.

Applications like VMware do not use the actual hardware to boot an OS running inside these applications, so they do not need actual hardware BIOS to boot XP.

EFI, yes. Thank you.

Mac and Windows - I never thought this will become realitiy... ;)

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