Xbox/PS2 Accessory Review: NubyTech's Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick

What better way to celebrate a 15th anniversary of a fighting game than with a limited edition arcade stick? Of the ludicrous amounts of commercially available arcade sticks, NubyTech's Street Fighter Anniversary Joystick is unmatched. It's a fine piece to show off, and even more spectacular to use.

With extensions for the Playstation 2 and Xbox, this controller is immaculately constructed. The glossy top captures a striking portrait of every character in the series against a bright orange backdrop. The finish is brilliant and the build as solid as it could be. The Xbox specific memory card slot sits in the front, unobtrusive and away from the major action.

The face brings eight buttons, and select/start are housed right above the stick. It's aligned nicely, though a small curve to the buttons would have been accurate to the majority of arcade machines. As it stands, they're perfectly horizontal to each other, though spaced enough to prevent any accidental strikes. However, they offer enough pressure to go along with their size to offer up a fine impact. Their reaction is quick, and they never miss a combo.

The highlight, as expected, is the stick. Even the best arcade cabinets rarely offer a response like this. The tight feel, springy kick back, and dead-on accuracy instantly makes you a better player. For some, it could stand a little tightening, but as it is, this is a fine medium for all fans still looking for their fighting game fix.

This is a stick that weighs close to 10 pounds, and it's obviously meant to stay in one spot. The thick, heavily decorative box houses the stick when you need the space. There's a lower compartment to hold the cord so it's not tangled constantly. The five-foot poster enclosed features the full art found on the stick, and assuming you can find a frame for it, it's definitely worthy of wall space.

Aside from building an arcade stick yourself, this if the finest piece of fighting game equipment you can buy. While the price seems steep, if you're one of the die-hards, $60 should seem like nothing. This is as perfect to use as it is gorgeous.

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